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Cisco Umbrella Insights
Defend against threats on the internet wherever users go.

Cisco Umbrella Insights

Sorry, this product is no longer available and has been replaced by Cisco Umbrella (DNS/SIG)


package includes:

  • Block ransomware, malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks
  • Protect users anywhere they go, on and off the corporate network
  • Stop malicious domain requests and IP responses at the DNS-layer, over any port or protocol
  • Real-time, enterprise-wide activity search & scheduled reports
  • Enforce acceptable use policies using 60 content categories
  • Create custom block/allow lists

Additional options:

investigate api

Investigate API

Use our API to enrich data in your SIEM or threat intelligence platform, so you can quickly surface high impact security incidents and add more context for incident responders.

gold or platinum support

Gold or Platinum Support

All packages include online and email support –– for further peace of mind, we provide expanded assistance with our Gold and Platinum support packages.

multi-org console

Multi-org Console

Centrally manage security configuration and reporting in a “single pane of glass.” Gain shared control and unified visibility for tens to hundreds of separate orgs.

All packages provide:

easy deployment

Easy deployment

Cloud-delivered security deployed in minutes –– no hardware to install or software to maintain

fast cloud infrastructure

Fast and reliable cloud infrastructure

Fast, reliable network that resolves 100B+ DNS requests daily for 85M+ users with no added latency

predictive intelligence

Predictive intelligence

Umbrella’s live threat intelligence uncovers and blocks malicious domains, IPs, and URLs before they’re even used in attacks

Still not sure what package is best for your company?

Watch the minute video to hear more about what’s included in each package.

Stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints

First line of defense against threats
Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform built into the foundation of the internet. Enforcing security at the DNS and IP layers, Umbrella blocks requests to malicious and unwanted destinations before a connection is even established — stopping threats over any port or protocol before they reach your network or endpoints.

Visibility and protection everywhere
As a cloud-delivered service, Umbrella provides the visibility needed to protect internet access across all network devices, office locations, and roaming users. All internet activity is logged and categorized by the type of security threat or web content, and the action taken — whether it was blocked or allowed. Logs of all activity can be retained as long as needed and recalled easily for investigation. You can even uncover cloud apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in use across your company.

How Cisco Umbrella helps

  • Reduce malware infections up to 98%
  • Cut the number of alerts from your IPS, AV, and SIEM by as much as 50%
  • Decrease remediation time by 20%
  • Protection on and off the corporate network

Cisco Umbrella

cisco umbrella

How we do it

Intelligence to see attacks before they launch
Our global network infrastructure handles over 120 billion internet requests a day, which gives us a unique view of relationships between domains, IPs, networks, and malware across the internet. Similar to Amazon learning from shopping patterns to suggest the next purchase, we learn from internet activity patterns to automatically identify attacker infrastructure being staged for the next threat, and then block users from going to malicious destinations.

Enterprise-wide deployment in minutes
Umbrella is the fastest and easiest way to protect all of your users in minutes. It’s powerful, effective security without the typical operational complexity. By performing everything in the cloud, there is no hardware to install, and no software to manually update.

What makes Umbrella different

  • Broadest coverage of malicious destinations and files
  • Most predictive intelligence to stop threats earlier
  • Easiest deployment with simple ways to connect to our cloud platform
  • Fastest and most reliable cloud infrastructure

Problems we solve

82% of users bypass the VPN1 and 70% of branch offices go direct-to-net
Most mobile and remote workers don’t always have their VPN on, and most branch offices don’t backhaul all traffic — which means they don’t have enough protection. In under 30 minutes, Umbrella can provide worldwide coverage for all on-network devices — including BYOD and IoT — and roaming laptops and supervised iOS 11 devices.

70-90% of malware is unique to each organization
Signature-based tools, reactive threat intelligence, and isolated security enforcement cannot stay ahead of attacks. Umbrella will identify and contain two times more compromised systems than before.

86% of IT managers believe there’s a shortage in skilled security professionals
We get it — your team is understaffed and you need security that is easy to setup, configure, and use. Not only is Umbrella easy to manage, but it also stops threats earlier and reduces the number of infections and alerts you see from other security products.

Does your organization use supervised iOS 11 devices?

Gain visibility and control for all app and internet activity using the Cisco Security Connector application (app) and Umbrella app extension.

Use cases

insights use cases

Deployment specifications

  • Any network device (e.g. router) can be used to provision Umbrella. Protect all network connected devices with one IP change in your DHCP server (or scope) or DNS server. Or protect all Wi-Fi-connected devices with a simple checkbox using our integrations with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, Aruba, Cradlepoint, and Aerohive.
  • Off-network coverage is available for Windows and macOS, and supervised iOS 11 devices. If you already use the Cisco AnyConnect client for Windows or Mac, no additional agents are required! Simply upgrade to v4.3 or later and enable the roaming security module. Alternatively, deploy the Umbrella roaming client via Windows GPO or Apple Remote Desktop. To protect supervised iOS 11 devices, download and install the Cisco Security Connector application, and enable the Umbrella application extension.
  • On-network granularity by internal network or Active Directory identities supports VMware or Hyper-V.
  • Passive Active Directory identification supports domain controllers on Windows Server


Avoid the aftermath with a before strategy.

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go.

Enforcement built into the foundation of the internet

Cisco Umbrella uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. By delivering security from the cloud, not only do you save money, but we also provide more effective security.

Here’s how:

DNS and IP layer enforcement

DNS & IP layer enforcement

Umbrella uses DNS to stop threats over all ports and protocols — even direct-to-IP connections. Stop malware before it reaches your endpoints or network.

intelligent proxy

Intelligent proxy

Instead of proxying all web traffic, Umbrella routes requests to risky domains for deeper URL and file inspection. Effectively protect without delay or performance impact.

callback blocking

Command & control callback blocking

Even if devices become infected in other ways, Umbrella prevents connections to attacker’s servers. Stop data exfiltration and execution of ransomware encryption.

Visibility into traffic both ON and OFF your network

Your users and apps have left the perimeter. Umbrella provides visibility into internet activity across all devices, over all ports, even when users are off your corporate network. You can even retain the logs forever.

visibility into traffic

Threat intelligence to see attacks before they launch

Umbrella learns from internet activity to automatically identify attacker infrastructure staged for current and emergent threats. We capture and understand relationships between malware, domains, IPs, and networks across the internet.

statistical models

Statistical models

Umbrella analyzes data to identify patterns, detect anomalies and create models to predict if a domain or IP is likely malicious. Automatically correlate data and block attacks.

umbrella investigate

Cisco Umbrella Investigate

Access our threat intelligence of global DNS requests for a complete view of the relationships between domains, IPs, and malware. Enrich your incident response and SIEM data.

cisco ecosystem

Cisco ecosystem

Umbrella uses URL and file reputation scores from Cisco Talos and Cisco AMP to block malicious content. Benefit from daily analysis of millions of malware samples and terabytes of data.

Enterprise-wide deployment in minutes

Umbrella is the simplest security you’ll ever deploy. There is no hardware to install or software to manually update, and the browser-based interface provides quick setup and ongoing management.

Here’s how:

on network devices

On-network devices

By changing one setting on your network server, access point or router, you can protect all devices — even those you don’t manage. Implement powerful security without operational complexity.

off network laptops

Off-network laptops

Protect laptops when the VPN is off with Umbrella’s light weight roaming client or built-in Cisco AnyConnect integration. Easily extend protection beyond the corporate network.

browser based interface

Browser-based interface

The Umbrella dashboard provides both central and local administration and reporting. Effectively create and manage policies, even for complex organizations.

API-based integrations to the rest of your security stack

Umbrella’s API enables you to integrate with your existing solutions to amplify protection. Automatically enrich the data in your SIEM, threat intelligence platform, or incident workflow to speed up investigation and response by security analysts.

"I like the ease of use and the threat intelligence. We do a lot of research on our attack vectors, analyzing phishing emails, and anomalous events. Nine times out of 10 Cisco Umbrella is already blocking identified malicious domains."

Senior IT Architect
Large Enterprise Computer Software Company

Our Cloud:

To protect the global network you enlist the global network

built into foundation

Built into the foundation of the internet.

The domain name system (DNS) is a foundational component of the internet — mapping names to IP addresses. When you click a link or type a URL, a DNS request initiates the process of connecting any device to the internet. For our cloud security platform, we use DNS as just one way to make connecting to the cloud not only simple and fast, but also secure.

A bit about our global network.

We process billions of DNS requests from millions of users every day. Not only do we have data center locations around the world, but more importantly, we peer with the top internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) to shorten the routes between every network in the world and our data centers — making your internet access even faster.

We scale to support tens of thousands of concurrent enterprises and block millions of concurrent threats. In fact, we enforce 7 million unique malicious destinations at any given time. No appliance could scale to deliver this same efficacy.

global network highlights

The fastest, most reliable platform.

When you connect to a cloud security platform, performance is critical. It cannot break or slow down your internet connection. To ensure reliability, we use Anycast routing— every data center announces the same IP address so that requests are transparently sent to the fastest available with automated failover. With Umbrella, you’ll never experience downtime for maintenance and you don’t need static routes to a primary and backup datacenters.

fastest reliable platform

Peering for speed.

peering for speed

Umbrella won’t add latency compared to your current provider. In fact, many customers see a boost in internet speed. Our peering partnerships with ISPs and CDNs provide shortcuts between every network. And Umbrella stores the responses to 80 million users’ daily requests, and for most safe destinations, responds back immediately.

Protection in 30 seconds with one change.

Do you use DNS or DHCP servers in your network? Just add in one of the settings, and every device on that network is protected. What about laptops connecting off network? If you use Cisco AnyConnect, simply enable the Umbrella roaming security module for protection anywhere — even when the VPN is off. If not, we have an agent that works with any VPN — proven in over a million deployments. And by performing everything in the cloud, there is no hardware to install, and no software to manually update.

protection in 30 sec

Enforcement without latency or delay.

enforcement without latency

To start, Umbrella determines which customer the internet request belongs to, and which policy to enforce. Next, we determine if the destination — domain request and IP response — is (A) malicious, unwanted, or blacklisted; (B) safe or whitelisted; or (C) risky, meaning it hosts both malicious and safe content.

For type A destinations, we route the connection to a block page. For B, we route the connection as normal. And for C, we route the connection through our cloud-based proxy for deeper inspection. All requests are logged globally and immediately visible for your security teams to take action.

World's first intelligent proxy.

first intelligent proxy

Traditionally, blocking web content at the URL level requires proxying all connections — which adds complexity and negatively impacts performance. With Umbrella, safe connections are allowed and malicious requests are blocked at the DNS-layer. Only requests to risky domains, which contain both malicious and legitimate content, are routed for deeper URL and file inspection. With Umbrella’s intelligent proxy, users don’t experience any slow or broken internet access.

Our platform is open for integration.

One fear that IT has with the cloud is a loss of customization and control. Umbrella is an open platform that integrates with your in-house tools and third party solutions. Using our API, you can send local intelligence to Umbrella and enforce it globally in minutes. Additionally, you can query our threat intelligence using the Cisco Umbrella Investigate API and enrich security event data in your SIEM or other systems.

open integration platform

Our Intel:

We don't just connect the dots, we are the dots.

When you analyze over 100 billion internet requests a day, you see what other security solutions miss.

see attacks before they launch

See attacks before they launch.

We see the relationships between malware, domains, IPs, and networks across the internet. Similar to how Amazon learns from shopping patterns to suggest the next purchase, we learn from internet activity patterns to automatically identify attacker infrastructure being staged for the next threat.

Attacks don't just suddenly happen.

The development lifecycle to create new attacks is similar to that of new applications. An app developer builds something, tests it, and then launches it. Attackers do the same, which requires infrastructure, malware, and a web or email delivery scheme. While they modify and create new malware (e.g. ransomware variants) and draft new phishing emails, attackers often reuse the exact same infrastructure (e.g. web servers and IPs) for multiple attacks — leaving behind cyber fingerprints. We focus on identifying those fingerprints, so we can pinpoint current attacks and even uncover emerging threats being staged.

uncover emerging threats

Statistical models are our secret sauce.

statistical models are our specialty

We statistically score the “guilt” of domains and IPs to determine if they’re part of an attacker’s infrastructure. More than a reputation score that looks at the past, we analyze both historic and live data. And we’ve built statistical models to automatically score and classify all of our data, so we can detect anomalies, and uncover known and emergent threats. We use three main approaches: guilt by inference, guilt by association, and patterns of guilt.

Datasets must be diverse, global & live.

diverse datasets

Not only do we analyze a massive amount of data, but perhaps more important is the diversity of our data. Umbrella gathers 100 billion internet requests from over 100 million enterprise and consumer users across 160 countries every day at the moment a request is made — which gives us a statistically significant data set. Our real-time DNS data is also enriched with diverse public and private data feeds.

Making discoveries through DNS resolution.

making discoveries

We analyze the request patterns to detect many types of threats and anomalies. For example, we can determine if a system is compromised based on the types of requests it’s making. If a device is making requests to a number of known-bad domains, it’s more likely to be compromised. The user requests patterns across our user base give us great insight into potential threats.

In the second part of the process, if our global cache doesn’t have a non-expired response to the request, then we recursively contact all of the nameservers that are authoritative for the domain requested. This process gathers authoritative logs for virtually every domain daily, which we use to find newly staged infrastructures and other types of anomalies.

A new approach to security research.

There is no army of security researchers big enough to manually identify every threat. We look at things differently. The Cisco Umbrella security researchers take mathematical concepts and find new ways to apply them to security data — helping us uncover threats before attacks even launch. Our security researchers leverage advanced data mining techniques, 3D data visualization, and security domain expertise to develop the statistical models behind our intelligence.

Efficacy is king.

efficacy is king

Threat intelligence is one thing, but you also need to act on all of that data. Cisco Umbrella has the horsepower to actively process and enforce more than 7 million unique malicious domains and IPs concurrently at the DNS layer — appliances and hybrid-cloud solutions can’t come close to enforcing that many threats at once. And we’re constantly adding to our block list — 60,000+ new destinations are added every day. Plus, Umbrella can be deployed enterprise-wide in minutes — making it one of the easiest ways to start protecting users.


Download the Cisco Umbrella Insights Datasheet (PDF).

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