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Cisco Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
An elite cybersecurity expertise combined with a threat intelligence platform

Reduce threat detection from months to minutes

Improve your security posture with industry-leading threat detection and response.

What is Managed Detection and Response?

Cisco Secure Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines an elite team of researchers, investigators and responders with integrated threat intelligence to detect and contain threats faster while delivering relevant and prioritized response actions.The service leverages defined investigations and response playbooks supported by Cisco Talos threat research.

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Advance your security operations capabilities while reducing mean time to detect and containing threats faster with Cisco Managed Detection and Response.

Cybersecurity, managed for you by experts

Cisco MDR, a managed security service, monitors and detects threats in the network, cloud, and at endpoints with the world’s best cybersecurity experts, including:

  • A stronger security posture, with access to advanced capabilities and experts who understand the expanding attack surface.
  • Greater confidence, thanks to proven threat intelligence and automation.
  • Faster threat detection and a more consistent response based on defined investigation and response playbooks supported by Cisco Talos research.
  • Greater visibility via integrated security architecture with 24x7x365 threat detection and response, drastically reducing mean time to detect and respond to threats.


Reduce time to detect and respond

Stay on top of your security with 24x7x365 analysis, investigation and response, improving your mean time-to-detect and respond to security threats.

Manage and prioritize alerts

Manage and prioritize your alert volume across cloud, network and endpoints with defined investigation and response playbooks.

Gain greater visibility

Take advantage of an integrated security architecture which provides greater visibility, driven by analytics that use a combination of behavioral modeling, machine learning, and global threat intelligence.

Advance security operations with leading detection and response capabilities

Cisco MDR is delivered by a team of elite researchers, investigators, and responders, and supported by threat intelligence from Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, the largest non-governmental threat intelligence research team in the world.

The service leverages Cisco’s world-class, integrated security architecture to advance your security capabilities, providing greater visibility across the network, cloud, and endpoints.

Organizations increase operational capabilities, advancing the Security Operations Center (SOC) by monitoring multi-cloud, network, and endpoints. The service delivers relevant and prioritized actions with expert guidance and effective automated response to protect your business.

Services Highlights


Our detection capabilities leverage an integrated cloud security ecosystem, proven methodologies, unique intelligence and an experienced team to improve your mean time to detect and contain security threats.


Analysis through alert enrichment, including Talos threat intelligence, provides the attacker attributes, tactics and critical context our analysts need to prioritize the impact and urgency of a threat.


Defined investigation playbooks utilized by our analysts provide added threat context. When malware, ransomware, bot-net, bad actors or other breaches occur, we respond based on data-driven decisions.


Utilizing security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) and proven case management to execute defined response playbooks, we help you with detailed threat analysis and response recommendations.

Your security operations with and without Cisco MDR

Before Cisco MDR

Inefficient, error-prone process required manual threat correlation, and performing complex tasks across multiple systems, which could result in missed threats and delayed responses.

With Cisco MDR

Accelerate detection and response to security threats provided by an integrated security ecosystem, unique threat intelligence, proven case management, defined playbooks, and response recommendations by an elite team of security experts.

MDR leverages Cisco’s world-class integrated security architecture

The MDR security architecture consists of Cisco Secure Endpoint, Cisco Secure Malware Analytics, Cisco Umbrella™, and Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (optional).

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (optional)

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (optional) applies the latest threat intelligence and analytics capabilities to proactively protect your cloud resources, internal network, and even encrypted traffic against new threats.

Healthcare Industry Example Use Case


The increasing transition from paper to digital healthcare record-keeping puts patient information and medical records at risk.


MDR detects ransomware that can bypass traditional anti-virus defenses, spread laterally, and cripple a hospital’s network.

Cisco’s expert investigators research the suspicious file access activity and lateral movement attempts throughout the hospital’s network.

MDR responds by isolating the host, cleaning the infection, and blocking external command and control servers to prevent any other hosts from being infected.


The threat is identified early in the kill chain, contained and eliminated within the hospital’s network to minimize any potential impact and prevent the threat from successfully performing its objectives.

Advanced security analytics and automation are utilized to deliver alerts with correlated insights and actionable next steps tailored to the hospital’s security operational policies.

Stay protected with Cisco MDR

To protect and grow your business in an increasingly connected world, it is critical to detect security risks and protect your assets. Cisco MDR puts the best in cybersecurity on guard for you 24 hours a day, providing advanced detection and response capabilities with expert resources that understand the expanding and evolving attack landscape.

MDR helps you improve your organization’s security posture and advance security operations efficiency with an expert team and industry-leading threat research.

Protect what matters most. Secure your organization today.

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