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Cisco VG224 Analog Voice Gateway
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Cisco VG224 Analog Voice Gateway

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You don’t have to replace your entire phone system as you move to unified communications. Cisco VG Series Gateways help you migrate at your own pace and budget by taking full advantage of the investments you have already made. Cisco VG Gateways allow you to enjoy the benefits of unified communications while using your existing analog phones and fax machines.

The Cisco VG224 Analog Voice Gateways allow you to use your IP telephony solution with traditional analog devices while taking advantage of the productivity afforded by IP infrastructure.

Cisco VG224 Analog Gateway:

  • Standalone solution for medium-density for deployments of 24 lines or less
  • Combines a high-density RJ21 analog interface with Cisco IOS Software manageability to increase the functionality of analog equipment
  • Offers gateway capabilities for analog voicemail systems
  • Housed in a compact, 19-inch rack-mount chassis

Cisco Unified Communications enables organizations to collaborate more effectively - helping them streamline business processes, reach the right resource the first time, and improve productivity and profitability. Cisco offers an end-to-end unified communications and collaboration solution that includes network infrastructure, security, unified call control, endpoints, network management, and a lifecycle services approach. In addition, it offers flexible deployment models, outsourced management options, end-user and partner financing packages, and integration with third-party communications applications.

Cisco VG Series Gateways

The Cisco VG350, VG224, VG204XM, and VG202XM are part Cisco IOS software-based VG series stand-alone analog voice gateways. The Cisco VG350 is a high-density 160-port gateway, the Cisco VG224 is a 24-port gateway, and the Cisco VG204XM and VG202XM are low-density 4- and 2-port gateways, respectively. These gateways connect analog phones, fax machines, modems, and speakerphones to an enterprise voice system based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM). Having these devices tightly integrated with the IP-based phone system is advantageous for increased manageability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness (refer to Figure 5 later in this document). Commercial businesses can also use these gateways with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to effectively augment an integrated-services-router (ISR) environment. Both topology environments support business needs ranging from high to low concentrations of analog voice ports for modem calls, fax calls, and analog supplementary services.

The Cisco VG350, VG224, VG204XM, and VG202XM offer Cisco IOS Software manageability on analog phone lines so that you can use them as extensions to your Cisco or 3rd party IP call control solution. The Cisco VG350 and VG224 offer 19-inch rack-mount chassis, and the Cisco VG204XM and VG202XM offer desktop form-factor chasses with a fanless design.

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