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Cisco TelePresence Exchange System
Integrated Telepresence and Video Service-Creation Platform


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The Cisco TelePresence Exchange System is an integrated telepresence and video service-creation platform that can help service providers and strategic partners create and manage secure, cloud-based, multitenant video collaboration services.

Software-based, the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System is powered by a fully redundant architecture that can dramatically reduce time to market and improve operating margins for business video and telepresence services such as secure business-to-business calling, hosting services, and scheduled and rendezvous (reservation-less or virtual meeting room) multimedia conferencing targeted at a broad universe of video endpoints, from immersive rooms to soft-client endpoints for mobile devices. It does so through a set of modular features that simplify the tailoring of video services to the service provider market and streamline operations with a solution-focused management interface and open application programming interfaces (APIs) that ease the solution integration with service providers' business and operational support systems.

The Cisco TelePresence Exchange System intelligently optimizes call routing and conference resource selection for globally distributed customers using distributed and strategically placed media switching and transcoding resources. It optimizes the resource selection based on the types of endpoints joining a meeting in order to yield the lowest network transport and per-port cost with the best possible user experience. The conferencing application aggregates conference resources based on pools of available ports to create a highly available conferencing solution that allows you to add or remove resources without affecting service. A centralized administration interface provides a single point of access for solution management, billing, conference resource capacity planning, and system administration.

Based on proven multitenant technology, powered by a fully redundant and scalable architecture, and controlled by a modular licensing model, the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System allows service providers to view telepresence services as building blocks that they can use to expand their business based on market demand. In addition, the system is an open platform with APIs that allow service providers and partners to build new applications to customize and complement the overall solution. Readily available through the Cisco Developer Network, these APIs are currently available to all customers.

In the fast-paced video market, the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System dramatically reduces technology risk through a validated architectural approach and allows service provider partners to focus on their business and differentiation strategy rather than on the underlying technology challenges.

  • Helps increase revenue opportunities
  • Accelerates growth of telepresence and video communities on the network
  • Improves efficiency of service delivery and resource management for multitenant video services
  • Delivers value-added conferencing and business-to-business services for video and telepresence
  • Supports selling new, cloud-based solutions to deploy pervasive video, and expand into bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

Business Benefits

The Cisco TelePresence Exchange System and Cloud Solution architecture helps reduce deployment costs and operational risk through a modular approach that integrates:

  • Media
  • Service control
  • Hosted applications and exchange management

Partners can also introduce a range of basic and advanced media services for telepresence, including highly secure intercompany calls, as well as:

  • Multimedia conferencing, including rendezvous and scheduled calls
  • Interoperability subscriber services and standards-based video (H.323 and SIP endpoints)
  • Line side service registration and feature delivery for hosted endpoint services
  • Wholesale services, including service provider interconnect
  • Additional value-added, shared media services, and customized service options are also available

New Solution Options

Pervasive Conferencing from the Cloud
Expanded options help partners deliver video-as-a-service conferencing, with on-demand virtual meeting rooms. This creates simple-to-use consumption models, and accelerates the adoption of pervasive conferencing.

These new virtual meeting rooms let enterprises have video meetings any time, from anywhere, with simple set-up and management control.

Virtual Meeting Rooms deliver additional benefits, as they:

  • Complement on-premise customer deployments
  • Integrate with Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions
  • Offer affordable, predictable service models
  • Support pay-per-month and pay-as-you-grow commercial offers

Service Enablement

A flexible service-creation platform for multitenant cloud-based business video-as-a-service solutions, the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System supports the development of a broad portfolio of video call and conferencing subscription services. Providers can introduce a range of basic and advanced services to deliver secure intercompany calls, multimedia conferencing and virtual meeting room services, interoperability services, high-touch services such as personalized concierge, and active or dynamic meeting management services.

Designed to complement existing network and conferencing solutions, the system is intended to aid in the accelerated growth of telepresence and video communities on provider networks and in the expansion of the global network for video from high-end immersive rooms to mobile clients and desktop video stations.

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