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Cisco Firepower 3105 NGFW Appliance
An enterprise-class firewall for your hybrid work

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Cisco Firepower 3105 Appliance
Cisco Secure Firewall 3105 Appliance
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The enterprise-class Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 Series supports your evolving world. It makes hybrid work and zero trust practical, with the flexibility to ensure strong return on investment. The Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 Series is a family of four threat-focused security appliances that delivers business resiliency and superior threat defense. Each model offers outstanding performance for multiple firewall use cases, even when advanced threat functions are enabled. These performance capabilities are enabled by a modern CPU architecture coupled with purpose-built hardware that optimizes firewall, cryptographic, and threat inspection functions.

Features and benefits

Enable hybrid work

The 3100 Series firewalls are designed to support more hybrid workers. Whether working from home, airport, or coffee shop, your remote workers can now enjoy up to 17 times faster VPN performance.

Delight your employees

The 3100 Series firewalls deliver 7 times higher inspection throughput and application-based quality of service (QoS), enabling users to securely experience strong video conferencing.

Protect your investment

The 3100 Series firewalls help ensure strong return over investment. Its clustering and high port density flexibility allow your security infrastructure to grow with you.

See more, know more

The 3100 Series firewalls use machine learning technologies to passively identify user applications and potential threats in encrypted traffic, without decryption, to detect more malware.

Turn intent into action

Unify policy across your environment and prioritize what’s important. Having security resilience is about shoring up your architecture against threats and using automation to save time.

Drive efficiency at scale

Only Secure Firewall includes license entitlement for SecureX, our open orchestration and XDR experience. The combination increases productivity across your teams and hybrid environments, while reducing threat dwell times.

Achieve superior visibility

Regain visibility and control of your encrypted traffic and application environments. See more and detect more with Cisco Talos, while leveraging billions of signals across your infrastructure with security resilience.

Make zero trust practical

Secure Firewall makes a zero-trust posture achievable and cost-effective with network, microsegmentation, and app security integrations. Automate access and anticipate what comes next.

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Cisco Products
Cisco Firepower 3105 Appliance
Cisco Secure Firewall 3105 Appliance
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