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ActionPacked! Network Power Unleashed.ActionPacked! LiveAction WAN Bandwidth Management
Reports on traffic class/application associated with path change(s)


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Cisco® Intelligent WAN (IWAN) protects performance-sensitive applications from brownouts and blackouts, provides active-active load balancing for applications securely and reliability, and improves application performance, while reducing significant WAN costs. LiveAction is recommended by Cisco as an IWAN Management Platform that provides users with GUI-based management for Cisco IWAN path control and application performance optimization.

LiveAction IWAN Management Solution Features

LiveAction IWAN Management Capabilities

AVC Visualization, Reporting, and Configuration

QoS Monitoring and Configuration

Network Health Status

ASA NSEL and ASR1K HSL Event Logging and Alerting

Intelligent WAN Path Control with Cisco PfR

The Benefits of the LiveAction IWAN Management Solution

Save Time and Money

Increase IWAN Adoption

Increased Productivity

Ease of Operations

LiveAction IWAN Management Fetures

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