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IronPort M170 Security Management Appliance
Flexible Management and Complete Security Control at the Network Gateway

IronPort M170 Security Management Appliance

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.


IronPort M-Series - Centralized Management for Security Management:

One location to monitor all corporate policy settings and audit information.

The IronPort M-Series™ security management appliance is the perfect complement to IronPort’s best-of-breed protection. The IronPort M-Series centralizes and consolidates important policy and runtime data, providing administrators and end-users with a single interface for managing their Security Management systems. The IronPort M-Series ensures top performance from IronPort C-Series™ appliances, and protects corporate network integrity by increasing deployment flexibility.

This security management appliance provides the central platform for managing all reporting and auditing information for IronPort’s Security Management appliances. Optional management features allow you to coordinate all your security operations from a single security management appliance, or to spread the load across multiple appliances.

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