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Cisco Prepares Cable Operators for Multi-cloud World with New Cloud Native Broadband Router

June 05, 2018 By BlueAlly


SAN JOSE, Calif., June 5, 2018– Cisco today unveiled the Cisco® Cloud-Native Broadband Router, offering cable operators a new approach to support core broadband routing functions and simplify network operations. A cloud- and IP-based cable network offers the potential to launch new services in a fraction of the time it takes today, while using resources more efficiently. It helps to reduce scaling issues associated with traditional hardware, and it minimizes requirements for space, power, cooling, and on-site maintenance. Enter Cisco Cloud-Native Broadband Router The Cisco Cloud-Native Broadband Router is a containerized, full software rewrite of converged cable access platform (CCAP) services, built as a set of microservices using standard tools such as Kubernetes for container orchestration and Docker for creating, deploying, and operating containerized applications. Primary attributes Composable:Designed from the ground up as a composition of multiple services that are elastic, resilient, and flexible to support multicloud architectures Containerized software architecture:Open standards–based, modular software for rapid and agile feature development and deployment Automation and analytics:Ready to transform network operations with real-time monitoring, analysis, and remediation, including Cisco Crosswork Network Automation "Taking the next step by disaggregating software from hardware and deploying software-based CCAP services is an opportunity for operators to embrace DevOps and to improve speed to market for new services," saidSean Welch, vice president and general manager, Cable Access Business Unit, Cisco."Cisco is uniquely positioned to help operators make the entire network transition to IP and cloud as seamless, secure, and automated as possible." Cisco is leading the disruption in the industry with its technology innovations in systems; silicon; software and security; and unrivalled expertise in mass-scale networking, automation, optical, optics, cable access, video, multicloud, and mobility. Combining these capabilities with Cisco's portfolio of go-to-market security, collaboration, IoT, and professional services, we enable service providers and media and web companies to reduce cost and complexity, help secure their networks, and grow revenue.